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    need help with dvdlab pro

    hi there i've a pb with dvdlab... I tried to re-authored a fucking good dvd which need it... and when i try to join the different vob files I got this : and when I go there I can't do anything, I don't have my video on preview and when I click on "Fix headers" I got "Nothing was done"...
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    need cover for slayer's DVD

    hi guys!! I need a special cover for this dvd : Slayer - July 2003 - Belfort, France, This covers is named "postmortem belfort" and is done by Room101. thank you. cheers
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    pb with dvd lab

    I have a pb with DVDlab I decided to re-author a dvd I have compiled it but I can't use my chapters when I select a song I'm redirected to the movie start and I can't change chapters during the movie playing what's happen? cheers
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    help needed

    hi mates. I don't know if I'm in the right place but I need some advice to make a multi cam DVD, I have two source of a gig and wants to make 2-cam mix is there any softwares to do that? could you give me some advices please. thanks cheers
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    hub down?

    the hub is down? can't connect... "connection timeout" every time :?
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    can't connect to the hub

    always says : "*** Your nick was already taken, please change to something else!" I have even reboot my pc... don't understand, help please.
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    need some help

    I use windows media player 10 for XP before I had some plug-ins to play flac and ape files with this player now I have to pay for this plug-ins... anyone here got this pulg-ins on his HDD please? and can give them to me here or on the hub? thank you in advance.