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    Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time

    I forgot to mention La Villa Strangiato by Rush.
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    Greatest Guitar Solos Of All Time

    Any Eddie Van Halen solos. Guitar solo of Powerslave and Prodigal Son from Iron Maiden. Erotomania, Metropolis, Take The Time, Dance Of Eternity and Hell's Kitchen by Dream Theater. Any Satriani or Vai solos. Luiz.
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    100 posts !!!!!!!!!!!

    Parabéns, fico feliz por você. Agora vou esperar a hora em que eu chegar aos 100 posts. Essas são as minhas congratulações em português. Do Brasil para o resto do mundo... Congrats, I'm glad for you. Now I'm waiting 'til I reach the 100th post. These are my congratulations in portuguese. From...
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    do you love

    I prefer women with no uniform, it is much better in the edge of night. Luiz.
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    What Bands Do Maiden Fans Like?

    My favorite bands: - Iron Maiden - Dream Theater - Rush - Van Halen - Black Sabbath - Megadeth - Blind Guardian - Helloween - Queensrÿche - Kiss Luiz.
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    First Maiden Album You Listened

    The first one is Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son that I borrowed from a friend of mine. I remember that I listened and liked very much The Clairvoyant. But the first album that I bought came much time time after: Best Of The Beast, almost one year after. Luiz.
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    Satanism in "metalmen"?

    It lets me crazy when somebody calls Iron maiden of a satanic band. People who say that are so ignorant that they can't even tell the diference between Iron Maiden and Pantera, they think it is all the same kind of music. I feel a bloody anger when it happens. Luiz.
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    Best Song Off Live At Donington 1992?

    I haven't voted because I don't think the best Donington '92 song is amongst the mentioned ones. It would be better if we had more options. :| Luiz.
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    this isn't good

    You could send an ultimate because most of them are registered in the forum but they don't use its register, they abandon it. Luiz.
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    Rare Eps

    I have brazilian LP version of Maiden Japan. It's different from the version from other countries because it has 5 tracks: Running Free, Remember Tomorrow, Wrathchild, Killers, Innocent Exile. I want to sell it. If you want, e-mail me. I also have bootlegs to sell. []'s, Luiz.
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    ive just relised that no prayer for the dying is underated

    In fact, No Prayer For The Dying is fantastic, a great album. But I don't like very much Fear Of The Dark. It's a good album and that's all. There is a song that sounds a little bit weak: Weekend Warrior. This song doesn't seem to be a Maiden song, it looks like a song from Bruce Dickinson's...
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    Maiden Auditions

    Well there the brazilians André Mattos (ex-vocal of Angra and now at Shaman) and Edu Falaschi (new singer of Angra) that sent tapes, but of course there many many singers who also did it. Somebody has said something about James LaBrie, Dream Theater's singer, I don't think he tried to be...
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    new in here ...

    Hello. Welcome. Feel as you were at your home. LOL :D LOL []'s, Luiz.
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    Where Eagles Dare 7" promo for sale

    Could you publish the list of your itens??? So, we could choose better and contact you after. []'s, Luiz.
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    what a shame ...

    Wow, that DVD may have a awful quality but even so I would buy because that's a bootleg and I'm a collector. But the price is totally out of reality, extremely expensive, it doesn't worth so much. []'s, Luiz.
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    Gates Of tomorrow

    Great song but there are better tracks in the album. []'s, Luiz.
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    Wildest Dreams #2 in Chicago

    Voted, of course!!! :D []'s, Luiz. :cross:
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    Iron Maiden BBers

    What is a IMBB??? []'s, Luiz.
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    What Are ur fav DOD tracks

    I really liked Rainmaker. I thought this song was perfect for a single and then it was released as a single. But I also liked very much Wildest Dreams, No More Lies, Paschendale, Dance Of Death and Montsegur. But the whole album is fantastic. []'s, Luiz.
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    Favourite Album

    I don't have a favorite. Every album is fantastic. I think my favorite are all of them. That's one of the main reasons for which I love this band. []'s, Luiz.