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    John Peel, now Freddy Dibnah!

    Well it was John Peel RIP :( but now this bloke has gone! I salute you fred! 8)
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    Chas n' Dave Thread!!!(this will not last long I imagine)

    wooohooo! Nothing better than a bit of cockney music. Snooker Loopy, Mr Woogie, all bloody brilliant. I imagine that there are not many people who like Chas n' Dave here so I have probably wasted my time! :P
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    1 word per post story thread...

    ok, I will start a story with one word, and I urge everyone to follow on to make a rather entertaining story. How great does this sound? :banana: So I start with one word, the next person has to continue with another word.One word. It would be great if this makes sense. Please excuse...
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    Funny links thread

    I think we should all post funny stuff in here. I found this rather halarious: :banana:
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    Anyone used to watch rainbow? this is halarious. iIt is a bit of a Rainbow episode that was not broadcast.hahahaha.
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    Hell's Kitchen Thread!

    Unfortunatley I have gotten into Hell's Kitchen. :err: who else is? I just hate it but I watch it. My favs so far... 'Can I have a fried egg on toast please?' Vic reeves. hahahaha. fucking halarious.
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    GCSEs anyone?

    Is anyone doing GCSEs , a -levels or anything? If so good luck to everyone. i'm starting with a GCSE music exam tommorow... :err:
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    hahahhaa! Jesus action figures! this is fucking halarious. LOL
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    are all of judas priest gay or is it just rob?

    Hello Judas Priest fans. i'm a rookie judas priest fan...I've only got one CD. but I plan to buy more! 8) anyway, is it just rob who is gay? I don't care, i'm not homephobic or anything I'm just wondering, incase anyone was going to say anything.
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    Phantom of the do you people play it on guitar?

    yeah the riff EEEGEEEEEGEEEEEGEE on the A string, the fast main riff, how does Maiden or anyone play it? I've heard it's purley Upstrokes on the string but I find this incredibly tiering. Or is it using up and downstrokes on the string? I'm sure a guitarist will know what I am on about. :)
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    What the hell would our lives be like without Iron Maiden?

    Without Iron Maiden or any heavy metal...good heavy metal that is it is hard to see where I would be now. Everytime I have a mad listening session to Iron Maiden (which is frequently) I always think about this. This topic might of been made before, but I am Fucking glad I took the route of Heavy...
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    Uplifting, happy songs.

    *Iron Maiden-Wildest Dreams *Van Halen- Best of both worlds *Judas Priest- Living after Midnight *AC/DC-Stiff Upper Lip *Black sabbath-Never say Die *Van Halen-Jump *Pink Floyd- learning to fly *Motorhead- Going to Brazil *Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train *The Who- My generation...
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    Into the distance a ribbon of black, Stretched to the point of no turning back... :P
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    The awwwwwwwwwww thread

    I am a bloke who likes things from slayer to kittens. This thread I would like to dedicate to either pets that people have themselves or animals on the internet that are nice. Up the fluffy animals and the irons. :bananallama: I suggest...
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    Back In Baroque - a string tribute to AC/DC

    Has anyone heard this or seen it anywhere prefrebly in the UK? I think it would be well interesting. 8)