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  1. Picard

    Favourite Album

    Dance of Death.
  2. Picard

    Favourite Running Song

    All of them.
  3. Picard

    Favourite Ballad (1)

  4. Picard

    Song vs. Song

    Iron Maiden. Montsigur vs New Frontier.
  5. Picard

    Worst Maiden Song

    I just can't find one... there are several that I can't listen when I'm not in mood (mostly slowest ones) but I can't define single one to be 'bad'.
  6. Picard

    Future of hard rock/heavy metal music

    What would happen to heavy metal? Well, let's just say... is Mozart dead? Yes. Is his music dead? No. People still listen him. Heavy metal will continue to live, regardless of new bands appearing or not.
  7. Picard

    COBs revision of "the trooper"

    Ever listened to Sturm und Drang cover of Fear of the Dark? Damn, I realised they changed nothing only after 5th listening. Only Iron Maiden can perform Maiden songs.
  8. Picard

    What Are ur fav DOD tracks

    Montsigur Paschendale Face in the Sand About album being strange, that is just proof how good IM are... they can get out of standard way without losing any quality.
  9. Picard

    r they still kool

    They are old school but that makes them better, not worse... and they're certainly cool. Of all existing metal types, (traditional) heavy metal is best.
  10. Picard

    Song vs. Song

    Paschendale. Prodigal Son vs. Drifter
  11. Picard

    All time favorite song?

    The Trooper.
  12. Picard

    Megadeth u Hrvatskoj?

  13. Picard

    Why Maiden?

    Friend brought me Best of the Beast album, I liked it and downloaded first individual songs then whole albums (now I have Number of the Beast, Peace of Mind, Killers, and Powerslave too).
  14. Picard

    Song vs. Song

    Prowler Revelations vs. Quest For Fire
  15. Picard

    Now Playing

    Iron Maiden - Doctor Doctor (youtube)
  16. Picard

    Future of hard rock/heavy metal music

    Well, I'm 17 (18 in few months) and I'm listening Iron Maiden for around 2 years; I haven't restricted myself to only one genre (I'm listening heavy metal (Maidens primarly), pop, rock, trash metal (Metallica), power metal, etc., but Maidens are my favourite and I listen them more than 15 other...