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  1. Gebs

    It happened on August 16th, 2007

    Excellent.....Congrats Bobo and Vicki :banana:
  2. Gebs

    Recommendations for a battery box with bass roll-off

    I have a lot of experience with the OKM and A3 box. However the OKM will work on any simple box. The tiniest being my homemade ones Gebsbbox107 would be ideal for the mics.....see pics in hub gebs
  3. Gebs

    Revision of membership

    hehe :D
  4. Gebs

    Revision of membership

    I am doing not bad on that list.....considering I am trying to get you guys to like Rush ;)
  5. Gebs

    hub down?

    Looks down at the mo
  6. Gebs

    GG rel : 1982-03-11 - Bristol Knights (Iron Maiden)

    Made a small boob on the art should be Transylvania instead of Genghis New art Sorry about that
  7. Gebs

    GG rel : 1982-03-11 - Bristol Knights (Iron Maiden)

    Art avaliable Save me e-mailing to traderz
  8. Gebs

    GG rel : 1982-03-11 - Bristol Knights (Iron Maiden)

    You just never know what the old gebs will get up to hehe :wink:
  9. Gebs

    Taping the tour

    OK lets put it this way then 09/11/2006 DENMARK - Aalborg Gigantium 10/11/2006 DENMARK - Copenhagen Valby 12/11/2006 FINLAND - Tampere Icehall 14/11/2006 FINLAND - Helsinki Hartwall arena 15/11/2006 FINLAND - Helsinki Hartwall arena 17/11/2006 SWEDEN - Stockholm Globen...
  10. Gebs

    Taping the tour

    Who are the taperz in the board so we can make some kind of plan to obtain all the tour recordings 1.) Gebs (UK) 2.) 3.) ........
  11. Gebs

    GG rel : 1982-03-11 - Bristol Knights (Iron Maiden)

    Copies going out to Tay666 (Trevor e-mail address) Cavema ninja (Joe e-mail address) Navigator (Dejan e-mail address) Laurent ....seb will sort you out ;) Pedro once you are back from holidays e-mail me. I have lost eveyones address recently in computer crash so mail me them again...
  12. Gebs

    GG rel : 1982-03-11 - Bristol Knights (Iron Maiden)

    Iron Maiden Tour 1982 --------------------- Title : Bristol Knights Venue : Colston Hall, Bristol, England Dates : 1982-03-11 Media : 2CD wav (2CD Shn) Tapers : Steve Knight (sjk20) Source : ITT Mono Recorder (2 x Sony AHF 90 Type I master...
  13. Gebs

    new forum... new life!!

  14. Gebs

    From now on our masters are for hub ONLY

    I have a nice Rooster show No way is anyone else getting it :shock:
  15. Gebs

    Rush hub?

    Yes....PM me
  16. Gebs

    Away from march 25th until april 11th

    Bobo you are not allowed holiday :shock: :D
  17. Gebs

    Hub Audio Tools version 0.09

    That was quick lol :)
  18. Gebs

    Hub Audio Tools version 0.09

    I have a request. Is it possible to make the program work for both 3.97 and 3.99 Ape files. Or is that impossible......especially options for Wav to Ape 3.97/3.99 or Ape 3.97/3.99 to Wav :roll: :shock: :banana:
  19. Gebs

    1996-03-02 Milwaukee - The Rave Factor

    Yes thats a goody :)
  20. Gebs

    INSTRUCTIONS: IM Boots Soulseek Room

    May I view your room even though I am a Shn/Ape/Flac trader. Or will it cause trouble ? :D