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    Is The Hub Down

    Is the hub down,havent been able to connect since yesterday morning
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    New Bootleg Site

    Heres a new bootleg site.Its for all bands and has loads of maiden on aswell.It looks like its only a few days old so any support would be great.
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    Cant get in the hub...i get this error message

    *** Connecting to *** Connected <Hub-Security> This hub is running PtokaX DC Hub TestDrive 4 (UpTime: 5 hours, 21 minutes) <Hub-Security> This hub is for registered users only. Either you don't have an account or your account has been disabled...
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    Account Disabled

    Pls can i have my account reactivated pls if possible.As mentioned in a previous post ive been away for quite a while due to personal issues
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    Hello Old Friends

    Hi Everyone Well ive been out of the hub for quite a while due to personal issues.Anyway im just wondering if im still registered with the hub as ive tried to connect and i get refused by target machine message. Its nice to be back and i hope to catch up with you in the hub :edmetal:
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    Id like to join mp3 hub pls
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    Download problems

    Hi guys Need your help big time.Lat night i was d/l from the hub when suddenly lost my connection,now i keep getting timeout messages when i try to connect.To make matters worse other programes i use to d/l suddenly stopped too and now wont connect.I use Norton Anti Virus i did a full system...
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    Links dont work

    Can anyone tell me when i click on links they dont work.The page just stays white and doesnt load.I have anti virus software running at all times so i know its not virus related.Can anyone help as i cant even get in the Iron Maiden forum and its beginning to piss me off.
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    Hub Down

    Does anyone know if lossless is hub is down im getting connection timeout messages
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    Hub down

    is ther something wrong with lossless hub i cant get connected,never had problem before