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    bob where are you?

    hey man everything ok? where are you?? i cant destroy all rush fans alone!!! :D :evil:
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    MEGADETH 2005 shows - do we have these?

    Boston 2004-11-13 Dublin 2005-02-01 Belfast 2005-02-02 Copenhagen 2005-02-13 Granada 2005-02-26 Tokyo 2005-04-02 the guy wants 8 discs from me as i'm not trading i could share the shows he wants from me so other person can trade he's from the...
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    well after some computer AND personal problems i'm back to the hub.. i'm trying to find the adress so i guess i'll be there anytime(when i find it lol) i missed you all :D cheers dan
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    Bootlegs DB: Dublin 2003-12-01

    *ABOUT: Venue: The Point City/Country: Dublin, Ireland Date: December 1st 2003 *TRACKS: CD1 01 Intro 2:21 02 Wildest Dreams 3:46 03 Wrathchild 2:54 04 Can I Play With Madness 3:25 05 The Trooper 6:51 06 Dance Of Death 9:31 07 Rainmaker 4:11 08 Brave New World 6:06 09 Paschendale 10:17 10 Lord...