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  1. The_Assassin

    Forumin aktiivisuusaste

    Mitä hel...? Onko olemassa joku toinenkin suomenkielinen Maiden-foorumi vai miksi ihmeessä täällä on niin vaisu meininki? Vähän aktiivisuutta, ihmiset! :banana:
  2. The_Assassin

    My PC broke up.

    My PC broke up on saturday, it's probably either the processor or the mainboard. Gladly the guarantee is still on so I should get them replaced... that'll probably take at least a week, though. I couldn't inform you 'cause I was forced to be offline for the weekend. :x
  3. The_Assassin

    11-29-1986 Paris, France APE

    IRON MAIDEN: SOMEWHERE IN PARIS Palais Omnisports de Bercy - Paris, France 11/29/1986 VHS? SBD -> CDR -> WAV -> APE DO NOT CONVERT THIS SHOW TO MP3 OR SHARE WITHOUT THIS INFO. DISC ONE: 01. Intro //im1986-11-29-d1t01.ape 02. Caught Somewhere In Time //im1986-11-29-d1t02.ape 03. 2 Minutes To...
  4. The_Assassin

    Address of the new temporary hub!

    is It's up almost always when Maniac's hub isn't.