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    Top-3 Iced earth albums

    But he's not even the worst IE-vocalist. Gene Adams is. Greelys voice doesn't really bother me.
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    Your top 5 favourite songs ever!

    If I don't include Iron Maiden... Umm... This includes songs that I've been listenin' a lot in last few weeks. It also includes songs I really like. :D Turmion Kätilöt - Teurastaja (Finnish Indrustial band) Iced Earth - Almost all the songs Metallica - For Whom the Bell Tolls Tarot - Love's...
  3. S album?!

    What's your point? :D
  4. S album?!

    About Bruce's new album... :P Didn't look your link.
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    Best Avatar

    I vote.... me...
  6. S album?!

    We have been talking about this for a long time in the finnish discussion.. :D
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    Finnish Moderators

    Vaikka ehkä tulenkin tätä itse bb:tä käyttämään myös tulevaisuudessa, voi suomalaisen osion minun puolestani sulkea, sillä samat aiheet tulevat kuitenkin kiertämään Rautaneidossa.
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    Please talk here

    To keep the bb alive, we have to spam? edit: Oops! I did it again!
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    Who is best: Nicko or Clive?

    'cause I've heard their work only in Maiden, I must say Nicko. If I answer Clive, I'm cheating myself.
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    Spawn - the comic book hero

    ^ By the way, Nicholas Cage is a nephew of the movie director Francis Coppola (for example: Apocalypse Now). Nicholas has changed his last name so that his real last name won't haunt him in his career. There is also a movie about Spawn. The soundtrack of the movie includes Metallica's For Whom...
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    Spawn - the comic book hero

    Don't know about that, but there is a rumour that there's gonna be a Ghost Rider - and Iron Man -movies coming.. in next ten years. :D This is what I've heard. I've heard the scripts are ready.
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    Maiden Auditions

    ^ I heard that Marco was in top10 of the applyers. He is a awesome singer!
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    Do you know STEEL PROPHET?

    Oh! That explains this: . I'd never heard of this band and must say they are very good. Doesn't sound like Power Metal to me. Sounds more like old Heavy Metal.
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    Do you know STEEL PROPHET?

    Can't you tell more? Is this a band and what kind of band etc.
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    Bruce Accident Of Birth Tour 1997....Help

    Think what you want. :D
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    Bruce Accident Of Birth Tour 1997....Help

    Yeah, I think I just have to live with your gay smiley-usage. edit: With "you" I mean the whole Maiden-World.
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    Bruce Accident Of Birth Tour 1997....Help

    I get annoyed by almost everything... Gay or gay.. What's the difference...
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    Bruce Accident Of Birth Tour 1997....Help

    That's so gay.
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    Bruce Accident Of Birth Tour 1997....Help

    Why are you quoting your own post?
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    Spawn - the comic book hero

    Yes, The Punisher is great too. Especially the kickass, everybody killing Punisher. The only the Punisher -comics I've read are from the beginning of the -90's so don't really know much about this character. Sometimes he's so boring fellow but when he goes and kills people, it's good...