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  1. Leafsfanatic

    New Hauls

    Platoon.. I actually bought it this time :D
  2. Leafsfanatic

    What Gigs Are you going to?

    Protest the Hero Feb. 17th .. they're like the best metal band that has ever come to my town :| .. nobody ever comes here ahaa
  3. Leafsfanatic

    Your favorite war movie

    has to be Platoon followed closley by Black Hawk Down
  4. Leafsfanatic

    Best Maiden period?

    The Early Days were Epic.. the present and reunion years just arent the same...
  5. Leafsfanatic

    Team in Football

    Man U 8)
  6. Leafsfanatic


    coffee *yawning smiley goes here*
  7. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    Hello there
  8. Leafsfanatic

    Now Playing

    Forsaken - As I Lay Dying
  9. Leafsfanatic

    Now Playing

    The Battle of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
  10. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    Hello everybody, long time no see!
  11. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    Hello Everyone *waves* man, i havent been on here for a loooooong time lol
  12. Leafsfanatic

    Best all time song (No Prayer For The Dying)

    tail gunner all the way. :fist:
  13. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    hello everybody *waves*
  14. Leafsfanatic

    How do you put in the ringtones on this site??

    so i cant put it in on a 2125?
  15. Leafsfanatic

    How do you put in the ringtones on this site??

    I was just looking around the site and I found the rigntones section and it doesnt say there how to put them onto your phone and i have no idea so how do you put them in.. I looked through my intire nokia phone and I cant find where to put them in :\ ....
  16. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    You say that as if its just somthing you do everyday LOL I just bought some Metallica CD's lol.
  17. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    so , whats up?
  18. Leafsfanatic

    hello thread!

    Hello Everyone * Waves * , woah I havetn been on here in a while..