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  1. Leafsfanatic

    How do you put in the ringtones on this site??

    I was just looking around the site and I found the rigntones section and it doesnt say there how to put them onto your phone and i have no idea so how do you put them in.. I looked through my intire nokia phone and I cant find where to put them in :\ ....
  2. Leafsfanatic

    It is so boring when there is only 2 or 3 people on here..

    im sitting here trying to find an intersting topic amongst all of old topics listening to my collection of Metallica and its very boring :l
  3. Leafsfanatic

    Do you use the 24 hour clock in Europe?

    I just noticed people saying the time as 19:40 and stuff and im bored ..
  4. Leafsfanatic

    My really messed up Edward the Great: Greatest Hits Album

    ok this is really queer, on my CD the songs are all labeled wrong on the back ( the songs that are there are either not the songs they say they are or arent even on the album) and when I burned the CD onto my computer every song is labled wrong and all screwed up. For example it says Futureal is...
  5. Leafsfanatic

    Rock in Rio vs Live After Death

    Which album is your favorite? Live After Death or Rock in Rio?