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  1. Kepuli_Celmi

    Dod TOUR INTRO!!!

    What is the name of the song (orchestral one) what's been played before Wildest Dreams on Dod tour? AND i don't mean UFO's Doctor doctor. So if anyone can help me, i'd be thankful Sorry my bad english. :D btw the maiden gig in finland was last sunday. MAN it was awesome!
  2. Kepuli_Celmi

    6.12. 2004

    YEEAH!! Today it's the independence day of Finland. And every independence day in Finland they show the movie called "Tuntematon Sotilas (Unknown Soldier)". It is a story about Finland in World War 2, when Russia was invading Finland (Bastards! :suck: ) I think it's the best movie I have ever...
  3. Kepuli_Celmi

    My avatar

    What do you think of my avatar? <--I bet you don't know what it is/where it's from!!! I tell you the right answer some day :beardance: :D
  4. Kepuli_Celmi

    Clive Burr..?

    Where is he nowadays? He's a great drummer, don't you think? I heard from somewhere that he has a some kind of disease? :?