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  1. Iron Maiden

    Do you like 'THE DARKNESS'

    I think they suck, and lots of more.... and more that i can`t say here. But thats just me!
  2. Iron Maiden

    The NEW random picture thread

    Now this is fat...... :shock: LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL And this i don`t want to talk about, :bananabang:
  3. Iron Maiden

    Now Playing

    NP: Helloween - Kepper of the seven keys part 2 (album) :edmetal:
  4. Iron Maiden

    Tabs ????

    Download this program: PowerTab in, and then download tabs in,37 . Here you got many good iron maiden tabs, that you can hear how they are supposed to sound (if the tab`er doesn`t suck, you got ratings and stuff...