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    Member's Favourite Song of the Day

    Rime Of The Ancient Mariner :banana:
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    Member's Favourite Song of the Day

    Iron Maiden- Powerslave- Powerslave! :edmetal:
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    Twickenham gig= IMMENSE!

    My first ever Maiden gig, got there about 5 o clock, in time to see the first support band, Within Temptaion who were very good and well recieved. They did a 6-song set, and when they came off, a seriously MASSIVE war of bottle-throwing began which got more and more frantic as time went on...
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    No Prayer for this Album

    poor Janick!
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    Greatest Maiden Riff?

    :withstupid: Main riff to Aces High, Trill riff on Dance Of Death All of Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden ROTAM Opening to Caught Somewhere In Time Heaven Can Wait The distorted chords to The Legacy And thats just SOME of my favourites......
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    Worst Maiden Song

    No, it REALLY isn't!
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    Next Iron Maiden Album!

    Guess this means we're not gonna be getting a new Bruce solo album for a while :cry: . Oh well, a new Maiden album will RULE!!!!!!!!
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    Somewhere Back In Time DVD!!!!!!!

    I hope they'll release the Twickenham gig (my first ever Maiden show!), as it's their first UK stadium gig :headbang:
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    Favourite Gers/ Harris Track

    Streuth that's tough. 'Dance Of Death' gets my vote, closely follwed by 'the Legacy' and then 'Dream Of Mirrors'. Smith/Gers songwriting partnership= :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
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    Best Version of 'Fear Of The Dark'?

    One of my all-time favourite Maiden tracks, it's a kick-ass studio song, but live it just really comes alive! Thought it'd be interesting to know which version of it we all think is the greatest. 'Rock In Rio' for me, it makes the hairs of my neck stand up!
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    All time favorite song?

    My favourite Maiden song is a contest between: -Number Of The Beast -Hallowed Be Thy Name -Fear Of The Dark (especially the 'rock in rio' version :headbang: ) It really changes daily between those three......
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    favourite brave new world song

    Tough, 'Brave New World' gets my vote, purely because it is so awesome live. The production on the album is just.......odd, it seems far too quiet and compressed. Closely following it is the epic 'Dream Of Mirrors'! :headbang:
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    Best Smith/ Harris Track

    :withstupid: Passchendale ANY day!
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    favourite maiden songs

    Favourites in no real order: -Number of The Beast -Hallowed Be Thy Name -Fear of The Dark -Paschendale -Aces High -Revalations -The Legacy -Brave New World -Blood On The Worlds Hand -Iron Maiden -Brighter Than A Thousand Suns -Man On The Edge -Children Of The Damned -Heaven Can...
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    Worst Maiden Song

    Lest favourite Maiden tracks (no order): -The Nomad -The Fallen Angel -Angel And The Gambler (long version) -The Apparition
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    Best song from the reunion era????

    Top 3: -Paschendale -The Legacy -Brave New World Also The Longest Day come to think about it.....
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    Favourite Ballad (1)

    Any of the last three really, but since i have to go for just one, i'll vote Como Estais Amigos!
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    Most Overrated Maiden Song

    Alexander The Great
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    Favourite Number Song

    The Number Of The Beast without a doubt!!!! :bananarock:
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    Next Iron Maiden Album!

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: Thank the lord!!!!