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  1. maiden89


    Finally it's out! :banana: :banana: I waited a long time for this moment! I'll buy it as soon as possible! :D Please post here you're criticts about DT's new album....
  2. maiden89

    Graspop 2005

    I just reserved my tickets for it! It sounds really cool...Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, DIO and many more are gona perform there! :banana: :banana: Is anyone from this forum going?
  3. maiden89

    Dream Cars

    In this thread you can post pictures of cars you would like to have..... Here's one of my favourites, the Dodge Viper! :banana:
  4. maiden89

    Afraid to Shoot Strangers

    What do you think of "Afraid to shoot Strangers"? I think it's a great of the best in the " Fear of the Dark" album! :edmetal:
  5. maiden89


    Italy 2-Bulgary 1 :banana: :banana:
  6. maiden89

    And the winner is......

    Who do you think will be the winner of the Euro 2004 tournament? I hope Italy!!! :banana: :banana:
  7. maiden89

    best dod concert

    what is for you the best dod concert?
  8. maiden89

    searching a bootleg

    Hey can someone can tell me how to get iron's maiden bootleg of the leuven concert of 20/11/2003?