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    HUGE DVD Video B&P offer...

    Well I have many shows that I'm giving up. So I'm offering them for a B&P. I will update this thread in shows that are taken by making a post not by taking them off this list, so be sure to check the posts I've made in this thread before requesting shows. B&P Terms: 1. You must send...
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    Looking for trades (mainly online)

    LOoking for trade through my FTP or a DC++ hub. Mainly looking for online trades right now, but will consider snail trades in the USA ONLY. Please e-mail me from my trade site. NO PM's. MP
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    Metal Bootleg Database Bittorrent Tracker!

    Demented Thinking Productions brings you the Metal Bootleg Database Bittorrent Tracker! Come join our ALL metal bootleg tracker for lossless audio, dvd's & vcd's. Requirements To Join: 1) You must register to download & upload torrents. 2) All audio bootlegs must be in lossless format...
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    Maiden DVD's?

    Hi guys! I just got some new Maiden DVD's in by snail mail. I think the person I got them from transferred them from VHS to DVD so we may not have these yet. Take a look at hte list and let me know if there are any you want me to share :D Iron Maiden - 1996-03-09 Ft. Lauderdale, FL., USA...
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    Will have New Maiden Soon

    I have a trader that filmed Maiden in Lisbon, Portugal in 2003. He is currently working on the DVD and putting menus on it. I'll be trading with him soon for it :D I'll keep you guys posted on it. MP
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    Music & Horror Collectibles For Sale!

    Got tons of stuff for sale! Stuff includes: Tour Programs, T-Shirts, Posters, Pins, DVD's, CD's, Cassettes, VHS Tapes, Programs (Store Bought), Books, Toys, Figures, Calendars, Trading Cards, Comics, Baseball Hats, Picture Discs, LP's, and more! Bands include: Alanis Morissette, Judas...
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    DC++ Lossless Hub

    Come check out our new DC++ Lossless bootleg metal hub. We are now accepting new members! We trade DVD's, Audio bootlegs, Bootleg Covers, VCD's, & Video Clips. The hub is not limited to just a few metal bands shared, all metal is welcome. In order to gain access to the hub you just need to...
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    B&P Boot Trade Offer

    I'm backing all my stuff up to DVD and am now getting rid of my CDR audio shows that I have lying around. I'm posting my audio list here. If you are interested in a B&P trade then e-mail me and I'll send you the complete list. Lossless Audio Bootlegs These...
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    Nottingham 2003 DOD mp3 sourced?

    I downloaded this show from Ed Hunter because when I checked my copy I thought it was mp3 sourced, but when I analyzed his copy it was the same so is it mp3 sourced or just a low grade MD recorder? MP
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    Got 12 Megadeth DVD's In Today

    :D:D:D:D Let me know if you want them upped to Bobo. Remember my upload speed isn't great, its better than in the past, but it takes me awhile to get it uploaded. :( Megadeth - 1990-10-22 Toronto, Canada Megadeth - 1991-02-21 Osaka, Japan Megadeth - 1992-11-12 New York City, NY., USA...
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    Deal For New & Old Traders!

    Hey guys! I'm currently transferring all my CDR's to DVD's. Right now I'm working on the mp3 CDR's and will soon be working on lossless, VCD and various videos CDR's. The trade deal is you send me 1 blank DVD for every 2 CDR's that you are interested in off the list. I'm only accepting DVD's...
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    Got the requests up!

    But no one is in the hub LOL. Anyways I have the requests for Bladerunner and teh Maiden Athens DVD up in my share. :D MP
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    PC Probs :(

    Sorry guys I had PC probs :( I'll be putting that stuff up tonight for ya. Sorry for the delay. :( MP
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    Megadeth, Maiden Athens 99 DVD, & Bladerunner!

    Just a little news update for everyone. First Bladerunner: I have not forgotten you. :D I've been sick recently and not doing much except answering posts and what have you. I will get the shows up for you tonight........PROMISE! :D:D:D:D Megadeth Audio Boots: Well the boots I got...
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    The Metal Dungeon Is Back!

    If you've traded with me before online on a FTP site then you know what this means If not, let me clue you in! I have re-opened my FTP server. I ran it for about 4 1/2 years and stopped to do some snail trading. As snail trading is a bit too costly, I've decided to go back to FTP trading...
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    Deal For Small Traders Just Starting!

    Hello to all the small traders out there. I have some discs that are lying around and I want to offer a one time deal for any and all small traders. There are various metal bands in these discs, so the trader should be interested in getting an assortment of discs. Here's what I have to offer...
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    Looking for traders...........

    To advertise their web site, trade list, fan site, or 2:1 & B&P trades on the Metal Bootleg Database! If you have a web site the advertisement will go in two places on the site. If you have a trade list in MS Word, Text, or MS Excel format you can send it to me and I will host the download...
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    Problems :(

    I have a major problem. My ISP comcast just cut me off for two days and I just got back online right now. They cut me off because I was using too much bandwidth. They said they would cut me off permanently if I was still using too much bandwidth, but they would not tell me how much is too much...
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    BabyZak & ead666 here please!

    I haven't forgotten you guys. I'll be putting up the DVD's you requested soon. I've been very sick the last week and had to go to the hospital with 104 fever and an infection :-( Today I'm much better and will be raring these DVD's down for you guys :-) MP
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    Coming Soon From MP!

    Let me know if you want me to share any of my snail arrivals in the hub! :-) Audio Bootlegs: Judas Priest 07/26/2004 Idaho Center Amphitheater- Nampa, ID Slayer 07/26/2004 Idaho Center Amphitheater- Nampa, ID Black Sabbath 07/27/2004 White River Amphitheatre- Auburn, WA...