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    What Are ur fav DOD tracks

    1. Dance Of Death 2. Face In The Sand 3. Paschendale 4. Journeyman 5. Rainmaker One Of My Fave Maiden Albums! All Amazing And The First Album With A Song That Nicko Helped Write [New Frontier] :edmetal: :metal:
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    Favourite Gers/ Harris Track

    has to be Dance Of Death but Dream Of Mirrors is also a great Gers/Harris Track :D :edmetal:
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    Best Smith/ Harris Track

    Paschendale :) although they are all great songs :)
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    about Flight 666

    haha so true, It makes me laugh when nicko is drumming in a little room in LA, and Vinny Appice (Heaven & Hell Drummer) is watching and says something like "i'm learning from nicko" haha legend! and a walk past by the Legend that is Ronnie James Dio :)
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    What Gigs Are you going to?

    whey! u goin to southampton then? me too, its 2mora woohoo, lol. should be a good one! :D :D :D
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    Now Downloading

    Cant wait for the new album! I seeing them live in June at Southampton!
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    Now Playing

    Heaven and Hell - The Devil You Know -Amazing!! :edmetal: :evil: :edmetal: :evil: :edmetal: :evil: :edmetal:
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    Blazey poll. X Factor OR Virtual XI

    Virtual XI much better, Futureal - Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger - The Clansman (Better Live With Brucey!) X Factor only had Lord Of The Flies - Sign Of The Cross (Both Better Live With Brucey!)
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    about music news in general

    yer a few more uptempo ones would have been better, but great album overall, although the breaking into heaven riffs sound very much like the shadow of the wind LOL but at their age its amazin! LOL :evil:
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    ABC of things we can live without

    Random one... Waking Up Early!! Im sure its something everyone hates doin! LOL
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    about music news in general

    Heaven and Hell's new album "The Devil You Know" is amazing came out in the UK today! definately worth buying!
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    ABC of things we can live without

    Sir Alex Ferguson!! the sir is "S" LOL , doesnt he annoy everyone?! especially when he's chewing gum during games! LOL
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    Favourite Album

    Fear of the Dark / Piece of Mind / Dance of Death!