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    Links to Other Websites

    New Judas Priest Fan & Bootleg Page is open now! We have bootleg traders & covers on the site. We have photos, forums, info about Priest & related bands, and much more!
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    HUGE DVD Video B&P offer...

    I will be sending out the following packages on the 6th of August. Andrew D. M. Kruschel Matthew M. Didier Z. Aaron S. Dan J. Dennis C. Ryan L. Minos N. Kane D. A.W. Busch Pantelidis M. JE Pitman Dave M. Skalicky Mario G. Sebastien B. Casey B. Craig M. Jason W. Steve T...
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    HUGE DVD Video B&P offer...

    These shows are what's left: BAND/ARTISTS NAME DATE TITLE VENUE CITY STATE, COUNTRY SHOW INFO SETLIST #DVD DVD # FORMAT SOURCE AC/DC 1979-07-28 N/A Browns Stadium Cleveland Ohio, USA N/A YES 1 393 NTSC PRO AEROSMITH 1994-08-14 Woodstock '94 Woodstock Festival Slaughteries New York, USA N/A YES...
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    HUGE DVD Video B&P offer...

    RAMMSTEIN 1998-09-23 N/A Centrum Worcester Massachusetts, USA Version 1 NO 1 1986 RAMMSTEIN 1998-10-04 N/A Target Center Minneapolis Minnesota, USA N/A NO 1 1920 RAMMSTEIN 1998-10-12 N/A N/A Phoenix Arizona, USA N/A NO 1 1919 RAMMSTEIN 1998-10-23 N/A N/A St. Louis Missouri, USA N/A NO 1 2089...
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    HUGE DVD Video B&P offer...

    Well I have many shows that I'm giving up. So I'm offering them for a B&P. I will update this thread in shows that are taken by making a post not by taking them off this list, so be sure to check the posts I've made in this thread before requesting shows. B&P Terms: 1. You must send...
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    Links to Other Websites

    Metal bootelg torrents site! All formats! MP
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    Hi Tom don't get here much :D MP
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    we had a prob on the MBDF too with him. He was a mod but he is not anymore. He held several vines and then said that he did not feel like going to the post office. That was kinda the last straw :( MP
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    Actually the hub was a mix of Maiden & Priest. But all the members have voted to make it a metal hub instead because there were few people who had only Miaden & Priest shows. So as it will be going back up it will be for all bands. But that's cool, never saw anything about opening your own hub...
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    Links to Other Websites

    Come check out the largest metal bootleg information page online! The Metal Bootleg Database brings you the following: 9150 Bootleg covers (audio, dvd, vcd, & vhs) 7682 Images (wallpapers, logos, avatars, web graphics, & band photos) 2316 Download files (setlists, desktop themes, icons...
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    October 2006 decisions about hub membership

    Well this is interesting indeed. I've been offline for some time and had some problems, (like getting my personal situation stable and my sister having a stroke) I've been working to get my web page up and in good fashoin and this is the first time I've been able to login in awhile and look at...
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    Looking for Online Trading

    You can check out my page just hit the WWW button. We have a DC++ hub there. MP
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    Looking for trades (mainly online)

    LOoking for trade through my FTP or a DC++ hub. Mainly looking for online trades right now, but will consider snail trades in the USA ONLY. Please e-mail me from my trade site. NO PM's. MP
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    Metal Bootleg Database: Covers all metal MP
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    Hello from Jax Florida

    Jacksonville, Florida! WOW! Small world. I lived there for about 10 years :D MP
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    'The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg' video in HUB

    I really like this song personally. Looks like this album might be pretty good :D MP
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    Links to Other Websites

    The Metal Bootelg Database is back up adn will be for 1 year at least. Come check us out! MP
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    2:1/B&P trades: for those of you who have little or noth

    I'll be doing B&P trades again soon. :D MP
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    Ok, what the hell happened?

    Hey Danny! Great to see ya! The MBD is up too! We have a trade fourm there as well adn its free. :D MP
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    Links to Other Websites

    Metal Traders Unite! Finally after a long pause the Metal Bootleg Database is finally back up and running. We now include many more things than before along with the forums, bittorrent tracker, live chat and other things! The web page is under construction in some areas, but it will all come...