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    does it exists?!!

    hhehehehehe lol ! you were right bout the site, tay666 ... it`s the Ryan`s one... really good joke! lol
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    does it exists?!!

    hi there again! i was wondering around the net and i found this on the site of some maiden trader: Early Ruskin - London, UK - 27 Feb 78 6/10 sound quality. *Paul yells for a beer at the end of the song. One guitar lineup with Dave Murray. This is the earliest live recording of the...
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    86-9-10 Long distance in Belgrade - Pionir Hall, Yugoslavia

    Hi there to all maiden fans! I`m typing from Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro now). I`ve seen that many of you have this bootled which I consider amazing `couse that was the only one gig that maiden had in Yugoslavia (they never visit us again!). But there`s one huge mistake on the...