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    HUB is down. Where is Assassin???

    Yep there's about 39 as I write this :).
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    I now have Dance Of Death

    :shock: arhhhhhh you lucky sod!! guess my copy of the Album isn't comming early :(, thanks for writing out the lyrics!!
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    new avatars

    I found a load of smilies here,
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    new avatars

    Ah yes the avatars here are much better than the ones in the Maiden forum.
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    I heard Paschendale yesterday

    I'm still laughing about the 'cheese', that's all I'm ever gonna think about now when Bruce mentions Paschendale :lol:
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    How did you find this hub?

    Same here :D.
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    Is the apparently final album cover good or bad?

    heh heh cool, I phoned but the lines where packed solid!! it was like every maiden fan was phoneing that number!!! :lol:
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    The Forum

    I like the forum, it's nice and cosey more personal than the Iron Maiden boards ;).
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    Is the apparently final album cover good or bad?

    It's sad. Yes I'm afriad it's the final version of the cover :(, Bruce Dickinson said on Radio One last night it was supposed to be like that. It's a shame Maiden have been produceing fantastic album covers over the years. I'm sure they could have made a much better job of it, I could have...