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  1. darthrya

    just making my face seen

    I'm just popping in again so other traders from the official bb that is closing can see that I support this as a quality Maiden trades site.
  2. darthrya

    BoBo, a strange trade request

    Would you be willing to trade a Croatian beer for some shows? I've never had a beer from your country.
  3. darthrya

    bobo here please

    Bobo, if you know whose been one-starring the threads at the official Maiden trading forum, please tell that person to stop. I suspect it's someone from the hub since there's been a fight between hub people and a few traders on that board. I hope both sides work things out.
  4. darthrya

    2:1/B&P trades: for those of you who have little or noth

    If you want to get your collection started (or just fatter), here's a list of people who are willing to help you out with 2:1/B&P trades: Also, here's some advice for new traders (and old) from tay666 and myself: 1. Trade for shows that...