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  1. maidenmaniac1

    What job do you do or what job do you want to do?

    Well as i'm 14 I am currently a paperboy, car washer, dog walker and hedge cutter (I love cutting hedges, I do it for this rich lady and she pay's me loads!). I actually enjoy working but have to drag myself up at 6 am to do my paper round and walk other peoples dogs! Oh well, i'm getting paid...
  2. maidenmaniac1

    Mission from arry

    One of the b-sides of two minutes to midnight is called "mission from arry", I know that it's basically an argument between Steve and Nicko but can somone please tell me what it's about (If you could sneak in a few quotes that would be great :wink: )? :?
  3. maidenmaniac1

    Your views on the legalisation of cannabis

    This isn't in the drugs'n alcohol section because this question is a bit more specific. It's a topic that has been discussed many times and has had strong arguments put forward from both sides. Shout weed be legal? Sure it might f**k you up a little but certainly no more than alcohol. I've...
  4. maidenmaniac1

    General six nation's thread.

    Who's it gonna be this year, I would like to think, Jonny's back, it's gonna be a piece of piss but i'm not very good at kidding myself! I would say wales or france, maybe ireland, what do you think?
  5. maidenmaniac1

    Why do so many people hate Blaze?

    Why do so many people hate him? Maybe he couldn't sing Bruce's songs as well as him but then again, who can? I dont think Blaze's two albums were as bad as people made them out to be, listen to "sign of the cross" "clansman" and "lord of the flies". Blaze made some great albums with maiden so...
  6. maidenmaniac1

    Gig reviews

    I like to read reviews of maiden's gigs so could you please post some links here, I just love to see how their performances went and what people think of them. Thanks. :D Oh, and could you please tell me what Trivium and Lauren Harris were like for those of you that have been to the gigs...
  7. maidenmaniac1

    Favourite maiden line

    Whats your favourite line in a maiden song? One that you can't get out of your head and sing until someone sells you to shut up, or is that me just being obsessive and weird... anyhow, mine is on sign of the cross: They'll be saying their prayers when the moment comes There'll be...
  8. maidenmaniac1

    Your ideal setlist

    Personally I dislike the setlist for this years tour, I don't hate it, I just dislike it-according to me it should go something like this: Different world These colours dont't run Brighter than a thousand suns The pilgrim Paschendale Out of the shadows The trooper Two minutes to...
  9. maidenmaniac1

    what would you do if you met maiden?

    I got this idea from the Bruce Dickinson forum, and I just wondered, what would people on this forum to if they met the irons! i.e stand there speechless and not know what to say! launch into how much you love them and there music! Run away-the pressure is to much! I would...
  10. maidenmaniac1

    drugs and alcohol

    I'm just interested to know everyones view on drugs and alcohol, personally I think that its a persons choice if he/she wants to do it just as well as they don't put anyone else at risk and are aware of the dangers.
  11. maidenmaniac1

    Benjamin breeg theories

    Anybody know who mr. Breeg is? I bloody don't and I really want to know so pleeeeeeeeeeeeease post your theories hear!!!!!!! :? :? :?
  12. maidenmaniac1


    BEST ALL TIME SONG Iron maiden vs Phantom of the Opera Phantom of the opera for me is definetly the best because of the guitar work but tell me what you think :guitar: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  13. maidenmaniac1

    Best maiden vocalist

    Who do you is the best maiden vocalist? and who do you thinks second best, answer the poll for who you think is best and please state your order below. Mine is: 1.Bruce 2.Paul 3.Blaze I think that their all great but Bruce is a cut above the rest, just listen too songs like Can I play...
  14. maidenmaniac1

    Favourite bands apart from maiden

    I was just wandering what other music people here listen too. Here are my top 5 1.Maiden (obviously) 2.Deep purple 3.Guns 'n roses 4.Slipknot 5.The doors
  15. maidenmaniac1

    Blaze goes crazy at concert-goer

    What do you think of that video on you tube when Blaze goes crazy at a concert-goer? :evil: :evil: :evil: He seems to go a bit over the top screaming, apparently some skinhead spat at him and it hit him in the eye. My computers a bit mucked up at the moment so I can't add a link but just...