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  1. Prodigal_son

    Fav. football club

    I really don't see the point in changing the names. Make things confusing. Let's not forget that the premiership is actually the Division 1. Well to me, coca-cola championship will be known as division 1.
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    Now Playing

    Mozart-Symphony 40 in G minor :banana:
  3. Prodigal_son

    English premier league

    Rooney has arrived here!! Wahahahah. :D So rockin, what do you think of Owen's transfer?
  4. Prodigal_son

    The things me and my friends talk about

    You guys are sick LOL LOL cosby?? :(
  5. Prodigal_son

    Holland vs Sweden(results)

    Holland won on penalties. 6-5 The match is a thriller!! on Ex time, Sweden struck the post 2 times with Ljungberg and Larsson. I hope Holland won and they won!! :banana:
  6. Prodigal_son

    express your anger here

    Damn!!My cat peed in my Ps2 games collection and i had to smell and throw the smelly ones. In the end i threw 200 games out of 300!!!! :x :x :x
  7. Prodigal_son

    Today, return of the_nomad(normally)

    Clever MaidenMadness, Clever. :D
  8. Prodigal_son

    13/6 France 2, England 1 [RESULT IN] Damn it

    It should be a boring game considering the hype. But i think France will win 2-1
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    Uplifting, happy songs.

    Wishing well-Black sabbath Don't know why, but i feel happy listening to that song
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    band you like but are shamed to admit it

    I listened to a J-rock band like The yellow monkey. They are basically hair-metal type of band but have these guitar harmonies like maidens. They are the band that introduced me to maiden. They covered Wrathchild and after hearing it i was curious but did not check maiden out. Then years later i...
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    Wishing well- Black sabbath
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    Black sabbath-war pigs(live reunion)
  13. Prodigal_son

    lets do sth usefull in the name of the band

    I bet we could not last two days!!
  14. Prodigal_son

    lets do sth usefull in the name of the band

    We could don't get online for one week to save electricity. :D
  15. Prodigal_son

    Maiden-fans against racism

    And as a result, scums flocked to maiden-world (shit!!) (signed) :D
  16. Prodigal_son

    express your anger here

    I'm not posting there for 1 week(or more) to show my anger how that board is screwed up. Anybody joining me would be welcome. (read that thread cyrus)
  17. Prodigal_son

    I'm depressed

    Surfing the IMBB and into fightbox, these people either hated muslims or hated US. What is sad is seeing Iron Maiden fans settle their differences in races or opinions by cursing each other. The only thing the fightbox section did is to create rift among Maiden fans which is depressing to see...
  18. Prodigal_son

    Your catchfrase???

    My pharase is "so what" and "go to hell" So what as in when science techer asked"Why is your science grade low?" I answered" So what you lousy fat ass!!!!" and got caned. While caning the teacher asked, "any last words?" "GO TO HELL!!!" and i got one extra stroke. :) :D
  19. Prodigal_son

    Evil web-sites among us.. (?) is 61% evil, 39% good They are wrong. Metallica are 100% uneducated idiots
  20. Prodigal_son

    Evil web-sites among us.. (?)

    I disagree with that last sentence :evil: