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  1. The#2RY

    George lucas sued through Lucasarts? What next? Learning games sued for being too colourful? Anyway, this has Jack Thompson written all ov--oh, wait..
  2. The#2RY

    Happy Birthday Janick Gers!!

    Happy Birthday Janick!! I dunno what age you are but happy birthday!! :banana: :bananadance: :banana: :bananadance: :banana: :bananadance: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  3. The#2RY

    Your Name in Japanese.. ... -japanese/ Mines is like...Raian
  4. The#2RY

    What are you not afraid of that other people are afraid of?

    Mine's death and can't remember anything else..XD.... yours?
  5. The#2RY

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Xmas peeps...
  6. The#2RY

    What's your most wanted game for Xmas? the title. My most wanted game for Xmas is Alien Hominid (if it's released by then), if not then it'll be Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
  7. The#2RY

    The Legend of Zelda; The Triforce's Curse

    Chapter 1: As Legend tells us, there was a man of almighty power. This power he used for evil. His name was known by only one person, that person was known as `The Hero of Time'. This is the legend of time. The land of Hyrule was a peaceful land, the sun was there always...
  8. The#2RY

    XboX with Halo 2 or PS2 with GTA San Andreas

    Ok, this is real annoying, I got a choice of XboX with Halo 2 or PS2 with San Andreas for crimbo... I'll open this 'til the end of next week and check the results and that'll be my decision :D
  9. The#2RY

    All #'s, I command you to go away!! (except me)

    okay, I might be strong and secksay and king #, but people, stop this shit! :x It be thy annoying!! :x I'm either loved by millions (4 exactly :err: ), Hated and annoyed by u 4, or someone I know is taking the pishessness!! :x :x Stop it assholes!
  10. The#2RY

    Ze Art Thread

    Ok...this is where you post what you're either working on or finished pictures, models etc. In art class we had to pic an induvidual art project, I started off as anime and then I changed it to motorbikes, and in art I'm in the middle of Drawing a Harley Davidson 8)
  11. The#2RY

    Ah bugger! mum erased all the files in my PC and I've never had the chance to get on the PC, I won't for a while, since I'm out all the time and never on the PC..I lost AIM, Yahoo!, Flash, Photoshop and all my pics :cry: so I won't see you lot for a while... so I'll see you all when I see you
  12. The#2RY

    How did you find Maiden-World?

    Well I'm boredand invisible.... so I'm gonna ask people this... I found this site from a link on IMBB
  13. The#2RY

    Brothers!! :x

    My brother annoys me so much!! my bro's 10, and because he's so weak, whatever he does, he never get's in trouble, but if I do something he's done, I'll get in trouble for it, when he wouldn't. It angers me so much I end up taking my anger out on my wardrobe and punching doors and throwing...
  14. The#2RY

    This is soo annoying!!

    My mate, says Christina Aguleria, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cent, and busted are better than IM, somone give him a telling please!!
  15. The#2RY

    The Member Diary

    LOL This will be for members to post what they did in there day and if their da was bad or good, or if they have any plans for the following days/weeks etc Tommorrow, I plan to ditch my friends, watch them,, get a ripped can and scrape it across my friends puss! He did it to me and diseased...
  16. The#2RY

    Final Fantasy Series Topic

    :err: I just thought I'd open this
  17. The#2RY

    The person above you game

    this is basically posting what you think about the last poster e.g Manic: ^Has big hair 0.o The#2RY: Has a monkey in his avi Wicker Nomad: etc etc so... BEGIN!!! :evil:
  18. The#2RY

    Rain of Rane

    Ok, well the first chapter's actually not to good, but here it is anyway... This is my story, I will not tell you my name, I was in this adventure, close friends with...well you'll find out, but this began where all legends start, the begining... Chapter 1: The begining The small...
  19. The#2RY

    I'm gonna be gone...

    I'm gonna be gone a few days, maybe even a week, My internet will be cut off..I might be on tommorow, but if not..then ta-ta
  20. The#2RY

    What game are you playing right now..

    This topic will die, I know, but I just thought I'd do it, sorry if it's been done before... well, I'm playing...... :oops: Sonic Battle