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  1. ewil

    Snoopy or Droopy

    Which one of these cartoon-dogs is known on the habit of screaming and shouting at the hill: Snoopy or Droopy
  2. ewil

    Electric-guitar for a beginner

    OK, I've been playing nylon-string acoustic guitar for a half year maybe in a not-so-regular basis. Now I've been very eager on playing guitar and I've decided on getting an electric guitar at the first quarter of 2006 if my "eagerness" is still high then and if I've been getting better on...
  3. ewil

    The Last Knights

    Addicting and free online game Here :D This game is a text based rpg. You can choose a country in Europe and fight medieval battles. Teamplaying is a must in this game and it's also very addicting. I'm Ewil Azathoth, and I play in Holland.
  4. ewil

    Death On The Road Artwork There it is It's good Could be better Could be worse It's pretty King Diamondish :eyes:
  5. ewil

    Pretty Ladies

    I was bored on seeing pics of fake-beautiful Xtina and Boob-Spears so I made this one :D So post the prettiest pics of women you can find And no porn, but if it's pornographic-art it's good for me :D :err:
  6. ewil

    The Day of Book and the Rose... tomorrow in Finland. I know that the it may not be a worldwide festivity, but I decided to bring the topic up 'cause it promotes literature and romance :) lovely things both :D The idea came from spain and the original day is 23rd of April, but many countries have changed it to make it...
  7. ewil

    Kitten cannon It was wished to make many topics and spice up the conversation so... how far and how high can you launch the kitten? :D ewil: l.: 1208ft h.: 161ft
  8. ewil

    not pr0n a riddle no answers/spoilers in here just wanted to share this
  9. ewil

    Angel of Retribution

    In here you can talk about Judas Priest's upcoming album Angel of Retribution and the 2005 world tour :)
  10. ewil


    POST NUMBER 100'000 IN GC :D :banana: :banana: :banana:
  11. ewil

    Suggest a CD

    This is a thread where you can 1) Suggest a CD/artist to the others 2) Ask people to suggest a CD from an specific artist 3) Suggest other things too ...and so on... :)
  12. ewil

    Which OS are You?

    Which OS are You? :D .... Which file extension are You? LOL ... Which Nigerian spammer are You? :) ...
  13. ewil


    When do YOU die? Check: from ... Your Personal Day of Death is... Sunday, December 4, 2061 ...
  14. ewil

    Machine Men

    Päätin tässä kysyä, että olisiko kenelläkään tietoa Machine Menin uuden levyn mahdollisesta julkaisemisajankohdasta..? He soittivat ainakin Sararockissa muutamia uusia biisejä ja ajattelin tarkistaa jos joku täällä käyvä olisi tästä asiasta tietoinen :) Kiitän
  15. ewil

    Hi guys

    Hi guys I just wanted to say that we had a terrible storm two nights ago and the lightning stroke and broke my computer... That means that I ain't here so often... maybe once or twice in a week if I get to the library to write. We don't have any money to buy new one, the lightning broke our...
  16. ewil

    Who wants to see TG? (or talk about cakes)

    Vote yes if you want, no if you don't :D
  17. ewil

    Pure genius!

    This is pure genious: Let's all flush our toilets on July 31, 2004 at exactly 7:00pm Central Standard Time! info: Let's drown the human nation with crap... :evil:
  18. ewil

    Test thy self and kids

    Found from web, you can test yourself or your kids or someone else: ... HOW TO TELL IF YOUR TEEN IS A DEVIL WORSHIPPER A teen involved in the worship of Satan will exhibit the following: - An unhealthy preoccupation with fantasy role-playing games like "Dungeons & Dragons." - Wearing...
  19. ewil

    Attention everyone!!!

    Read this :D
  20. ewil

    Important announcement

    The#2RY hasn't ever herd about Whitesnake... Just wanted to give you this info... Continue your lives