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  1. SexyDevilGirl

    Happy Happy, Joy Joy

    Just wanted to annouce a recent occurance in my life: I just got married!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  2. SexyDevilGirl

    Viva Las Gaygas, I mean Vegas!!

    8) I figured since Cyrus posts pics of his good times I would too. I went to Las Vegas on a whim and had a good time! This is a pic of the view of Las Vegas from our room: Never let a drunk person take pics though :D Anywhere you go in Vegas you are bound to run into Elvis...
  3. SexyDevilGirl


    It's July 22nd, isn't today a special day for you? :? Happy Birthday you crazy chicken
  4. SexyDevilGirl

    Movie Talk

    :x Let's talk about movies dammit. Are there any movies that you are looking forward to seeing, or any movies that you'd like to see be made? For instance- I'd really like to see a movie adaptation of Stranger in a Strangeland because it's one of my favorite books. Even before Iron Maiden...
  5. SexyDevilGirl

    Poems anyone?

    :x alright-I hardly ever start threads- but I'm starting one here. Post favorite poems dammit!! They can be long, short, vile, foul tempered, political, romantic, erotic, or religious. Written by someone else- or even by yourself. Limericks are welcome too. Just post 'em or I will be forced to...
  6. SexyDevilGirl

    Movie lines?

    :? don't know if this has been asked -I know there was a good thread on favorite book quotes. Does anyone have any favorite lines from movies or T.V. shows- or even songs that they really love. For me-The Movie 'The Crow' "Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children" :|
  7. SexyDevilGirl

    Bad Fashion Sense

    I was wondering what bad fashion fads people here have fallen for. Come on and admit silly things you've done or seen in the name of fashion- especially if it's 'Metal Fashion'. I used to wear 'acid-washed' jeans :oops: Bell bottoms when I was a teenager. And I had those 'ripped'...
  8. SexyDevilGirl

    Appeal to the LURKERS!!!

    I thought I would create this thread (since I don't really create many) for us to come here and try to appeal to the lurkers to join us. Give good reasons why they should become "One of us" :)
  9. SexyDevilGirl

    Mi Querido amigo

    8) Let me be the first here to wish you a very pleasant Birthday :edkiss:
  10. SexyDevilGirl

    MAD COW!!!!

    Meuhhh-where are you? Why aren't you posting? :x Why do so many people come here and not post?
  11. SexyDevilGirl

    Work sucks!!

    I'm bored-so I decided to start a Thread. I'm curious as to what jobs or careers people around here have had. Name the best, worst, or most embarrassing thing you've ever done for money. I've had a crapload of jobs-some were good, some sucked. The worst was working at a factory. I had to...
  12. SexyDevilGirl

    Cheer Cyrus Up!

    Tell jokes or funny stories, let's make him laugh! Since I'm not funny-someone else had better start. :banana:
  13. SexyDevilGirl

    New Hauls

    I'm not sure if this has been a topic before (don't feel like going back to check :P ). But I thought it would be cool for everyone to post their latest music or movie purchases here. and maybe give a brief synopsis. Just so we can see what others are up to. Just bought: My Dying Bride-The...