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    Quebec City 1999

    So who in the hub has VHS of this show? I'm looking for complete version of this show (no cuts in clansman and evil) and as far as I know only video is complete. Bobo told me twice that the video is around and I forgot (twice) who had it.
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    Madrid 1988

    Does anybody have this show with heaven and wasted in the set?
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    So is anybody in the hub trading metallica? I saw it in few shares but the gigs are rather common.
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    Essen 1999

    Just downloaded it from EdHunter and CD2 comes from completely different gig! There is a huge difference between sound on cd1 and cd2 so i checked my mp3 version and indeed cd2 does not match. I'm not sure what gig it comes from but Bruce says something about rehersing for past 3-4 days which...
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    What is the status of all those incoming shows to the hub? I was planning to upload a few on my own but they have been on i list since october/november last year.
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    Paris 88 - night 2

    Can somebody check 9/25/88 Paris show? Mine has Wasted cut at about 3:30 and Sanctuary is only 40 sec long. Also I need to know how to recognize second night. i know the first night has this annoying high tone going on, and my 2nd does not have it but this is not enough to tell.
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    Osaka 85

    downloaded it, skimmed through tracks why instead of run to the hills and sanctuary we have parts of rime and powerslave?
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    Every small and big trader in here pls

    I thought it couldn't get any worse in the trading business because of all the garbage going on practically against everything these days. BUT i'd like to add 1 more thing that every single trader should know, no matter how many shows you traded: STOP PACKING CDS FACE TO FACE!!!!!!!!! now for...
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    The hell happened?

    LOL LOL A big part of the topics on board got busted. What happened?
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    About Gothenburg and Stuttagrt dod

    Anybody has non mp3 version of these 2 shows? We all know what the deal is with gothenburg but maybe non-mp3 will surface. Stuttgart - got it yesterday freq. spectrum looks like... well i have no idea... sort of like zig-zag
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    New Shows...

    ... will not be uploaded until mid january next year. :suck: I finished my semester, now just the finals and i'm free unitl jan 27. I think i'll hit the school a few times before spring semester starts, and then i'll upload a few to bobo's server.
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    Slow connection help needed

    ok, so I upload stuff to my friend in sweden at about 200 kb/s. he's got a 10 mbps connection, but when i download from him it only goes abut 10 kb/s. I connect and download 4 songs at the same time so it all adds up to about 40 but that is still tooo slow. I used a different ftp program...
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    People with FAST FTP (BoBo I guess)

    Hi, long time I didn't post here. I need a huge favor, can somebody with fast connection get Metallica 2003 shows (mp3) and share them with me. I'll give in exchange maiden audio stuff. Just a few things to keep in mind: I want full shows only (if unsure ask) and I want the ftp to be fast -...
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    So let's discuss

    my DVD recorded I bought yesterday. It's memorex v.A 4x. Can't really find any test/opinion on the net so I'm asking here.