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  1. SirLardsAlot


    With the closing of the IMBB, you may see me around more often :)
  2. SirLardsAlot


    I really dont come here much (for reason's unknown), but I do occasionally stop by and browse. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi. How ya all doin? Anything exciting happen lately?
  3. SirLardsAlot

    Star thingies

    I havent been posting here much, and I just noticed most people have a start-rating under their names. How can I get one? :oops:
  4. SirLardsAlot

    History + Channel = The History Channel

    And I love it. It's "Reign of Terror Week" on the History Channel with tons of shows about some of the most dangerous, evil people to ever live. Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussien, Adolf Hitler, Pablo Escobar, etc etc. Great stuff 8)
  5. SirLardsAlot

    The things me and my friends talk about

    LOL BubbaBoooze: lets make bets on who the next celebrity to die is SirLardsAlot87: alright, first, let's see who has died so far BubbaBoooze: ok SirLardsAlot87: Quorthon, Reagan, Ray Charles, Brando, that lady from The Jerrefsons, Rick James (bitch!) BubbaBoooze: was there any more...
  6. SirLardsAlot

    I'm back from the eeeeeeeeeeeedge

    Howdy all. I havent been here in like 817097523 years. How ya all been? What ya been up to these past couple weeks? :)
  7. SirLardsAlot

    Cool things about where you live

    Alright, is there anything cool or famous about where you live? Whether it be the town you live in or surrounding towns? In the town next to mine, there is a little camp called Camp No-Be-Bos-Co (I know, crazy name). But there's something cool about this camp: it's the camp where the...
  8. SirLardsAlot

    There's never anyone on at this time of the day ...

    Why? I'm always so lonely :cry:
  9. SirLardsAlot

    Just networked my computers

    Now time to re-format them 8)
  10. SirLardsAlot

    I'm bored

  11. SirLardsAlot

    Happy Easter

    Happy (Late) Easter everyone!! I just uploaded my easter pictures pictures from my camera and onto the net, so I thought I would share them with you all :) Me hanging out in a chair at my grandparents house: Me cutting the turkey: Me cutting the turkey, again: Me cutting the...
  12. SirLardsAlot

    I should be in the Moderation Group

    Because I rule 8)
  13. SirLardsAlot

    Hello hello!

    Hello everyone! It is I, the great SirLardsAlot. You may know me from the official Iron Maiden Bulletin Board. Just thought I would come here and sign up :D :clansman: