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  1. Maidenaustria

    Tibute + "Somewhere back in Time"-Party

    The Austrian Iron Maiden Fanclub "Maiden Austria United" is proud to arrange again a releaseparty together with EMI Music Austria! "Somewhere back in time - The Best of 1980-1989" will be presented to the public aswell as the ambitious tribute band from Tyrol will play a concert. Beside a...
  2. Maidenaustria

    LAD - Pre Releaseparty - Austria

    Aye! We are proud to annouce yet AGAIN another cooperation with EMI Music Austria - Our forthcoming pre-release party, presenting the "History of Iron Maiden pt.II / Live after Death" DVD to the Austrian Fans! Party will start on 29th of January (3 days prior the official EU-release) at...
  3. Maidenaustria

    HUB - OFFline - announcement

    Hey Maiden'eads! This is the thread to announce HUB offline times, due none of us owners (Thommie, me and Bequick) can't be online at home! Don't forget the usual onlinetimes: 11 a.m. to midnight CET (sometimes overnight) So the first one is from now 30.10.04 18:30 CET for a few...
  4. Maidenaustria

    Important Announcement

    It seems the is another problem with our adress forwarding... So I recommend you all set up both following adress to connect to the HUB: Set them up as a Favourite Connection and try the other one, if there is connection timeout or whatever...
  5. Maidenaustria

    Connection Problems solved

    Due software problems, some users might had problems to connect to the HUB while it was online. These Problems should be solved now.... But again I want to bring back in mind: The mp3 HUB isn't running 24/7 so if connection still times out, you're trying to connect while HUB isn't...
  6. Maidenaustria

    The Iron Maiden mp3 Bootleg HUB

    What's up? There are more than 500 registred users on the HUB but only 10 users online? Where are all the old users? And there are users who want to be registred and never come online.... Be(a)st regards, Maidenaustria
  7. Maidenaustria

    The lossless Hub

    Hy! I'm just registred to the mp3 HUB, and I only have mp3's. But I'd be really interested in gettin' Vienna bootlegs. 1986 Donauinselfest, 1993/1995/2000(if available) Indoor concerts I heard some people do have them in lossless format. If there's anybody who has the gigs on lossless...
  8. Maidenaustria

    Hello here!

    Up the Irons everybody! I came in last night by a link from my thread at the off. Board! Well, I'm gonna share about 5 GB boot-mp3 :cry: sadly, on 56K.... And I hope I'll get some bootlegs from Vienna, I'm searching like a maniac for them! Anyway, I think this is a 'kin great site! If you...