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  1. afraidtoshooteddie

    Bruce Air, Gatwick - Trondheim

    On the Train to London :) Good Morning Gatwick 8) Just waiting while we steal some fuel :err: Caught on a coffee break :)
  2. afraidtoshooteddie

    Cool Clips

    OK. I saw this video and I wasn't 'shocked' by it, so that rules that thread out. I also didn't find it particularly funny, so that rules out 'Haha this is hilarious' and the 'Funny Videos' threads. It's just cool. Plain and simple. ...
  3. afraidtoshooteddie

    What Gigs Are you going to?

    Can't see any similar threads. If I'm wrong......too bad. What gigs are you going to in the near future? I will be seeing: Blaze Bayley - May 6th Megadeth - June 13th Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) - November 17th 8)
  4. afraidtoshooteddie

    Things I didn't know yesterday.......

    The french didn't invent the Guillotine. They adapted it from a Scottish Execution device called The MAIDEN The Earth has at least seven Moons. Apart from the big one we can all see, there are another six Near-Earth Asteroids which follow the earth around the sun. The first was...
  5. afraidtoshooteddie

    Eddie's Been Sacked!!!!!!!!? Tune in next week to find out more?
  6. afraidtoshooteddie

    Download 2007

    It's official. Maiden are Playing Donington this year. It looks like being the Sunday night with My chemical romance and Linkin Park taking the other 2 nights headline slots. Kerrap are reporting Motley crue, Megadeth and Slayer there too. ...
  7. afraidtoshooteddie

    Congrats to Blaze.

    I'd just like to Congratulate Blaze Bayley on his forthcoming Marriage to long-time girlfriend, Debbie, whom he met in '89 whilst still in Wolfsbane. They will be tying the knot in Gran Canaria on Valentines Day (Feb 14) 8) :blaze:
  8. afraidtoshooteddie

    The Next BRUCE AIR!!!

    As I have mentioned to a couple of people. On the way back from Sweden on the last Bruce air, I was talking to the Stewardess and she gave details of a Trip Bruce was Planning. Now It's Official. Bruce Air to Dubai. They are changing...
  9. afraidtoshooteddie

    Donington but NOT Download?????

    Does this mean they're doing their own one, with Priest just Before Download?????????? ... emID=64100 Unlikely but If it's correct, > :headbang: :? :? :? ...
  10. afraidtoshooteddie

    Iron Maiden Tour Special on Vh1

    This Friday night (15/12/2006) at 23.00 GMT Vh-1 are broadcasting an Iron Maiden tour special, as part of the Rock Chart show with XFM's Ian Camfield. 8) I don't know if this is UK only or Europe/Worldwide. :| However... I shall be at work on Friday at 11pm :x So if anyone could record...
  11. afraidtoshooteddie

    Happy Birthday Lil' Miss Sixxy

    Lil' Miss Sixxy is 6 Today :banana: :banana: :banana: She's the one on the Left, wearing pink :wink:
  12. afraidtoshooteddie

    Bruce Air , Gatwick - Arlanda PHOTOS

    Here's a few Photo's From The Globe - Stockholm Flight / Show. I was Struggling with a Camera that decided it didn't want to zoom or focus when I wanted it to, So please forgive the quality of some of the Shots. Check in at Gatwick: On the Tarmac : And Again...
  13. afraidtoshooteddie

    On This Day.....

    43 years ago John F Kennedy Was assasinated. :|
  14. afraidtoshooteddie

    Ozzfest finale.

    There was quite an eventful ending to Iron Maidens ozzfest run, it would seem. Apparently during Maidens set Sharon Osbourne did her level best to sabotage proceedings by leading a procession of roadies into the audience, after supplying them with several dozen eggs to hurl at the band. It is...
  15. afraidtoshooteddie

    My Maiden Haul

    As mentioned elsewhere, Although I'm new here, I've been collecting maiden stuff for some time. For the benefit of you folks, ( And for bragging purposes :wink: ), I've decided to Photograph my Collection. I know the photo's are a bit naff and don't do the collection justice, but that's too...