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  1. Bockaaarck

    Bruce you legend.... 10 out of 10 Its great to see somebody we all respect, who is a member of a band we all love, who are frequently "put down" by the coke snorting popular press for not being "cool" or "trendy" or "devil worshipping" and to see them put their money where...
  2. Bockaaarck

    The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg

    Well i have to say that was bloody brilliant :banana: :shock: :banana: :shock: :banana: If that's a flavour of the rest of the album i am going to Kin love it :D :D :D
  3. Bockaaarck

    Where is Frenchy ?

    :( Where is our French friend, i haven't had reply to my PM, is everything ok ? I hope all is well ? Maybe He and Killy and the rest of the Frenchy clan are on their holiday's :? But i am worried :|
  4. Bockaaarck

    Who would you invite to dinner, and why?

    Hi guys, Here's another one. This thread is about inviting 3 people to share a dinner table with. Who would you like to have sat at a table with you? A rock star? an Actress? a politician??? You can invite 3 people no more, no less. And you can only have one person from each sphere of...
  5. Bockaaarck

    Your Top Places in the World

    Right Guys, This new thread is a place where you can tell other folks about great places you've been to, want to go to, or wish you could go to. You can post pics, stories, general holiday/travel information. The idea is to let people know about other places around the world. Its not just...
  6. Bockaaarck

    Tour dates - maybe?

    :shock: could these be the dates? :err: May 28th UK Sheperds Bush Empire London 29th UK Sheperds Bush Empire London June 1st Norway Stavanger Stadium 3rd Germany Rock am RIng 4th Germany Rock im Park 6th Poland Warsaw St. 8th Hungary Kisstadion, Budapest 9th Italy Arena Festa...
  7. Bockaaarck

    Metal Lovers !!!

    Hello, hello, hello my friends :D Roll up, roll up, roll up for the new Maiden-World experience :banana: 8) :banana: 8) :banana: 8) :banana: You better bet your bad asses its new, its the.......... Metal Lovers Thread :bananabang: :kinkyfruit: :bananabang: :kinkyfruit...
  8. Bockaaarck

    Nicko and Sooty

    Well done to Maniac618 on the official BB who's managed to track this down, it had me in fits :D I know you'll all love it :banana: :banana: :banana: Well done Maniac618 LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  9. Bockaaarck

    What do you know????

    Just had an idea for a fun thread. We all spend a lot of time on here, chating about Maiden and music and stuf, which is great :D But i thought it might be fun to introduce something else that will keep our brains engaged :) For example, a quiz :err: People can post questions and we...
  10. Bockaaarck

    A Happy New year to you all

    Just a little thread to say a Happy New year to all of you who post on this board. I wish each and everyone of you a prosperous, interesting, loving and happy year ahead Pip-pip lets open the Champagne :drunk: :banana: :D all the very best :)
  11. Bockaaarck

    Who's going to the NEC ?

    Who's going to the NEC gig on the 16th? I know frester is for sure :D but anyone else going to that concert as well?
  12. Bockaaarck

    New Toy : )

    How do :) I got a Digi Camera as an early christmas present, so i thought i'd bore you all with photo's of some of my Maiden vinyl :D Some of the images might be a bit shakey, as i was standing on a tiny stool and tiny is something i'm not :)