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  1. Maidenaustria

    Tibute + "Somewhere back in Time"-Party

    Oh - just forgot! We are proud to announce some special items for promoting our Party!! Back:
  2. Maidenaustria

    Tibute + "Somewhere back in Time"-Party

    The Austrian Iron Maiden Fanclub "Maiden Austria United" is proud to arrange again a releaseparty together with EMI Music Austria! "Somewhere back in time - The Best of 1980-1989" will be presented to the public aswell as the ambitious tribute band from Tyrol will play a concert. Beside a...
  3. Maidenaustria

    Tour 2008 - somewhere back in time

  4. Maidenaustria

    LAD - Pre Releaseparty - Austria

    Aye! We are proud to annouce yet AGAIN another cooperation with EMI Music Austria - Our forthcoming pre-release party, presenting the "History of Iron Maiden pt.II / Live after Death" DVD to the Austrian Fans! Party will start on 29th of January (3 days prior the official EU-release) at...
  5. Maidenaustria

    OT: Dogodilo se 16. kolovoza 2007.

    Congratulations to you both!!! May the force be with you all!
  6. Maidenaustria

    Tour 2007

    Ooops - I wish it already in two days! lol Yep - I saw the forecast - Rain expected! damned!
  7. Maidenaustria

    i had to create a new user nameeeeeeeeee

    Hey Gunner old bean! :P Maybe the Admins from the Forum can help you: Manowar Or Jon if they are Admins....
  8. Maidenaustria

    Tour 2007

    2 days to go!! :banana: The Austrian Community is looking forward to a great event!
  9. Maidenaustria

    Hub still online? Got already a username and PW for the HUB?
  10. Maidenaustria

    Looking Forward To The Latest Gig

    And we met in Graz ;) AWESOME Gig!
  11. Maidenaustria

    Hi everyone

    Where do you get your stuff Bobo? :D
  12. Maidenaustria

    Looking Forward To The Latest Gig

    Yeah it was an amazing show! I met Bequick and Bobo there! I'm also looking forward to Graz tomorrow :P
  13. Maidenaustria

    join the hub

    send me a PM with username and your password you want to use there - I get you registred then!
  14. Maidenaustria

    Need Help Connection Timeout! Why?

    :P You're welcome!
  15. Maidenaustria

    Need Help Connection Timeout! Why?

    äh - did it ever came back working?
  16. Maidenaustria


    send a registration PM to Thommie with your Username and Password, you'd like to use! Be(a)st regards, Maidenaustria
  17. Maidenaustria

    I've been having problems.

    THX for help Bobo
  18. Maidenaustria

    15th dec 2003 Cardiff Arena

    Don't think you need to re-register.... Registration doesn't expires!
  19. Maidenaustria

    Soulseek community for users unable to access DC!!!

    I wonder why so mayn ppl aren't able to use DC... What are the problems with that..?