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  1. MaidenMadness

    Classic albums: The number of the beast dvd

    bas sam danas vidio i kupio stvarno je dobar dvd vrlo dobri dodaci sve u svemu za svakom fana velika preporuka svidio bi se axy.....ima dosta smitha :D
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    General Football Thread

    well we only have world cup, euro 2008 qualifiers, champions leauge, premier leauge & french football leauge threads but thats so little the romours i just heard after the last report from the prosecutor in italy it seems the fines will be fiorentina - point redundanction lazio - point...
  3. MaidenMadness

    Recommend others new music

    i had this tough all of us here are obviously music fans so why not recommend some new music to the rest? well let me start everybody should check out savatage i recommend poets and madmen album, excellent album i found an old, rather obscure, but very good greek band called socrates...
  4. MaidenMadness


    i see we have snooker fans well its world championship and the best news so far is STEPHEN HENDRY is out damn i hate watching him play. i mean he's a great player but he so dull with 5 minutes it takes to take a bloody shot come on o'sullivan :banana:
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    now that i have your attention let me start by saying: sorry for the deception but this is a matter of life or death(well not in the full meaning but you get what i'm saying) now the reason for this deception is this i need an info about a band. google's been mostly useless. the band is called...
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    Euro 2008 qualifiers

    Euro 2008 qualifiers: England and Croatia in the same group! Group E England Croatia Russia Macedonia Israel Estonia Andorra Watch out england the croats are coming
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    OT: Sport - svakakav

    znam da ima tu gro ljubitalja sporta pa zasto ne otvoriti thread rekoh ja sebi pazi ovo za par dana ce sijecanj, pocinje prijelazni rok u cijeloj europi, opet se mogu kupovati igraci, vrijeme je da momcadi popune svoje rupe. hajduk je na 8. mjestu, 22 boda manje od dinama. sezona do sada...
  8. MaidenMadness

    Lets make fun out of famous people thread

    right i'll start with keith richards: *disclaimer* the jokes you are about to hear have NOT been made by me Keith Richards is saying nowadays "Kids don't do drugs"....and the kids replied "we can't keith you used them all". I'll tell you this. At the end of the time there will be keith...
  9. MaidenMadness

    How low can a person sink?

    SHARON OSBOURNE Blasts MOTHER TERESA: She Was An 'Ugly Old C*nt In Sandals' - Nov. 11, 2005 is reporting that Sharon Osbourne has launched a scathing verbal attack on the late Christian missionary Mother Teresa — because she is sickened by people who try to be "everything to...
  10. MaidenMadness

    MP3 downloading

    just realised we never disucussed this topic well not on here, and by my experience every music related forum has this thread well now so do we :D anyways what are your views on mp3 downloading? sure it takes money away from the band, the record companies, and stuff like that they...
  11. MaidenMadness

    Bands from who you like only one song

    hmmm for me don mclean - american pie amon amarth - victorious march the sex pistols - god save the queen europe - the final countdown bijelo dugme - dozivjeti stotu
  12. MaidenMadness

    2006 - great year for sports - Hockey thread

    we have world cup in football if there's anything better than world cup in football it's the ice hockey olympic tournament(which is about only time we get hockey on tv here not counting odd times they show wc in hockey on tv :cry: ) for you non hockey fans olympic tournament in hockey has...
  13. MaidenMadness

    Rapture Of The Deep

    as you are probably aware the album leaked on the net. i downloaded it and this is my review of the album Money - Ian's voice is very good on this one, eventhoug he's not in his youth anymore. The song itself seems to be something missing. I just can't shake this feeling that the song is just...
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    Ask frenchy about upcoming CDS thread

    right so frenchy works in a music shop. he hears cds before they are released. so i know we are all fans of different bands and we could expoint on this by asking frenchy about upcoming cds right now i'll start the thread with a question i have already asked but i didnt get any answer...
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    roger and dave put all of their differences aside Mark Coles from the BBC interviewed Roger Waters today. This was taken from the interview.! "What your saying is: would I go back and make a record with those three guys. Well I guess so, yeah. This all things being equal there is no reason...
  16. MaidenMadness

    crosspost sa cmara: judas priest u zgu

    orginalno rekao bobo iz metalsounda: Ovako, koncert Judas Priest je definitivno potvrđen za 07.12. U Zagrebu na Velesajmu. Sukladno tome, ja ću sutra obaviti razgovore sa agencijom, izložiti novonastalu situaciju i vidjeti što se može napraviti. Što se mene tiče, apsolutno sam protiv održavanja...
  17. MaidenMadness

    Rules - only way out or the cause of all problems?

    right. we all live in coutrys which have millions of rules. and lets look at the world that this world is? how many people get killed, how many wars are started cause of this are humans by nature so primitive and illogical that they need other group of people telling them what to do if they...
  18. MaidenMadness

    Steve Vai u zagrebu

    sa sluzbene stranice Mon Nov 14 Zagreb, Croatia Tvomica Kulture To Be Announced ide li tko na to osim mene?
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    Like you even care but still....

    over the last few day i realised that the last thing people on this board want are even some basic rules that would make posting easier for everyone. don't know if you have been following whats been going on here ever since i posted this thread but if you haven't basically i have been called a...
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    Please read (and OBEY) this

    when posting links and pictures please keep in mind that people hate scrolling horizontaly just so they would push the reply button also if one is using maidenworld skin its hard to read white letters on white surface isn't it? re: the long links put them in [url] brackets with url text...