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  1. metalwarrior220

    Iron Maiden ROCKED Shanghai!! *SPOILERS*

    Hello Maiden World! Iron Maiden rocked Shanghai the other night. It was my first show overseas. I've been here in China nearly four years now but I've been waiting to see Maiden in a place like Shanghai for twenty years. Ever since I first heard Somewhere In Time and saw the album cover twenty...
  2. metalwarrior220

    The Book of Souls

    I finally heard The Book of Souls via listening on Baidu yesterday. I'm in China now and I'm still waiting patiently for my copy to arrive but they finally added the album on Baidu and I finally gave it a listen. I think its amazing and fantastic! Very well done! I like the entire album and I...
  3. metalwarrior220

    R.I.P Jeff Hanneman

    I am very sad because of the loss of our blood brother Jeff Hanneman. As we know, he was a major contributing member of our heavy metal community. I would like to thank Jeff for all the great music and the great memories I have of listening to Slayer now and then and all the great concert...
  4. metalwarrior220

    I'm Back in here, but I'm now in China

    Hello all! I hope that all of you have been well. I don't know how many of you remember me here but I used this forum all the time for a few years and then off an on ever since. I am achieving my dream now and I am an English teacher in China. I am teaching high school student but they're great...
  5. metalwarrior220

    Merry Christmas

    A Merry Crhistmas to everyone here on this forum. :D I hope that all of you enjoy it.
  6. metalwarrior220

    Insomnia Cafe

    Are you having a hard time sleeping? Are you in a situation where you just can't fall asleep? Are you suffering from insomnia? Well friend, this is the thread for you. I came up with the term "Insomnia Cafe" one night when I couldn't sleep, and thought it would be a great idea for a thread...
  7. metalwarrior220

    Which concerts did you see this year?

    What concerts did you see this year? So many great bands toured Europe and the United States this year. Here's my list: April: Finger 11, Chevelle, and Evanesense (my friends payed for my ticket) May: Megadeth and Heaven and Hell (I missed Machine Head's set but I've already seen them once)...
  8. metalwarrior220

    It's over!

    No, nothing bad to report, but it's finally the end of community college for me. I've already passed everything in, and I attended the last presentations today to show my support for my fellow friends in my class. I'll be attending the actual graduation ceremony in June, but there's no more...
  9. metalwarrior220

    Your Top 5 albums for 2005

    It's that time of the year once again. This year went by very fast but at least we had plenty of good albums out this year. The time has come once again to pick our top 5 for this year. Here's mine: 1.) Judas Priest - Angel of Retribution 2.) Iommi/Hughes - Fused 3.) Bruce Dickinson -...
  10. metalwarrior220

    Snow in October?

    We've had some unusual weather for around here today. I've never seen snow in October in this town in my entire life, and it's uncommon for this area to see such weather conditions at this time of the year. The weird part is that we're going to see 65 degrees tomorrow. I know it's common for the...
  11. metalwarrior220

    British Metal Invasion!!

    The British Steelers have made their welcomed return to my state and this time to the city of Lowell where I have realtives and strong roots. It was my first show in Lowell and it was full of surprises. Anthrax was the opening band, but I can't remember their setlist because I'm not familiar...
  12. metalwarrior220

    My Ozzfest review *SPOILERS*

    I know it's been 2 days already but since there's no other threads concerning Ozzfest in this forum, here's my review. My day started at 6 A.M. EST because we had to be on the road for 8. I met up with some friends from high school and we headed up to The Tweeter Center. The first band I saw was...
  13. metalwarrior220

    *SPOILER* Priest in Boston

    Judas Priest was phenomenal last night in Boston. Halford was off-key at first it seemed but he was on fire the rest of the night. There were many unexpected surprises in the setlist, and I went nuts for them. Queensryche also rocked but I don't remember the setlist except that I heard many old...
  14. metalwarrior220

    It's that time once again

    Well my friends, it's that time of the year again. Yes that's right, final exams. I've got the math final today, the class I've been struggling with and it's less than an hour away. Please wish me luck on this one and the next one which will be tomorrow. Thanks.
  15. metalwarrior220

    It's that time again

    Well, after a long and stressful semester, the time has come for the finals once again. I've already taken one of them, and I've got two more to go. I put in 10x the amount of work than the previous semesters, and I only missed two days, but only for one class each. I didn't miss any days for...
  16. metalwarrior220

    Metal Exorcism

    There was a crazy lady at my house today, a friend of my father's and she felt as though she could run the place. She way trying to give my brtoher and I orders and she was also quite snappy. We're in our 20's and we don't appreciate strangers entering our house to order us around, which is very...
  17. metalwarrior220

    Van Halen rocked Worcestor, MA last night!!

    What a great show!! Van Halen are phenomenal and very talented musicians. It was great to see Sammy in Van Halen, I waited a long time to see them jam together. It was also the first time I ever saw Van Halen. I had great seats, and it was also great to be around so many rockers of all...
  18. metalwarrior220

    It'z hard to believe....

    It's hard to believe that I joined the IMBB over a year ago. It was there that I met most of you. I just want to tell you all that all of you rock, and this one's to you all. CHEERS AND UP THE IRONS!!!! :cheers:
  19. metalwarrior220

    This is it..

    Well, this is it. In an hour I'll be boarding a train to Boston, then it's off to Manchester, New Hampshire from there. I'm starting a new job as a Field Manager for our enviromnental group. I'll be a boss for the first time, therefore assuming a leadership role. I'll visit the boards(this one...
  20. metalwarrior220

    Save Our Oceans!! You can help!!

    For those brave BB'ers who wish to make an effort to save our oceans, here's a link with some info on what YOU can do to help. Here's the link: