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  1. ginger ninja

    20 Years from now????

    Well, as Cyrus keeps on calling me old, I might as well post a thread about old age. My question is this.......... In, say, 20 years, what do you guys honestly think about how Maiden will be perceived? Will they be seen as a classic band, whose albums are still bought by the metallers of the...
  2. ginger ninja

    Saying hello!

    Well, I did sign up a few months ago, but only posted a couple of times. Apologies - my addiction to the Maiden BB was still there. I feel better and want to try and kick my habit. Lookin forward to chatting about stuff with ya. I'm sure my buddy Cyrus will vouch for my good character :wink:
  3. ginger ninja


    Alright peeple, here's my first post to say hello. Trying desperately to cure my addiction to the official forum by signing up with another one! I'm already impressed with this one, even if it's just because the dancing banana is here for everyone to use!!!