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    [26/02/2011] BLAZE BAYLEY + Guests @ PAGNEY / NANCY - FRANCE

    Re: [26/02/2011] BLAZE BAYLEY + Guests @ PAGNEY / NANCY - FR Blaze will also play near Marseille, the 26 of March ;)
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    [26/02/2011] BLAZE BAYLEY + Guests @ PAGNEY / NANCY - FRANCE

    Re: [26/02/2011] BLAZE BAYLEY + Guests @ PAGNEY / NANCY - FR Video trailer of the gig :
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    [26/02/2011] BLAZE BAYLEY + Guests @ PAGNEY / NANCY - FRANCE

    FRENCH HEAVY METAL CONNECTION présente BLAZE BAYLEY + AVERYSADSTORY+ WE TAKE NO PRISONERS Samedi 26 février 2011 Au Pub-Rock Chez Paulette de Pagney Derrière Barine (Toul / Nancy) Tickets available here : *FNAC ...
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    Blaze Bayley in France in December

    Paris gig is tomorrow and Nancy on Friday !!!
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    Blaze Bayley in France in December

    Blaze will give 2 gigs in France between the Dudley gig and the Z7 gig : - 3rd of December in Paris, La Scène Bastille, France - 4th of December near Nancy, Pagney derrière barine, Chez Paulette, France ==> ==> ==>...
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    Iron Maiden DVD database?

    you can try this one : :D
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    Iron Maiden family

    This pic was taken in the Harris' house in Faro, Portugal :wink:
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    Bruce to leave Maiden again?

    Stop that .... Kevin Shirley was dealing with Led Zep ... and not Maiden.
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    Just to check who is checking this subforum ...

    hummm ... quick dead here LOL
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    Birthday of Iron Maiden France - with 2 Maiden covers bands

    the 21 of November will take place in Paris the 2 years birthday of the Iron Maiden France website & forum. To celebrate this birthday, 2 great french Maiden covers bands will play a 80 min gig : Ruskin Arms (which will play Maiden songs from '80 to '85) and Ed'Hunters (which will play Maiden...
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    Iron Maiden unsurfaced bootlegs ...

    it works now :wink:
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    Mp3 hub is a lossless Hub! New rules and Registration Update

    is this web site down or it is my computer which has problems to access to it ?
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    Bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour so far!

    Beware about the Chile boot (great one !). I thought at first there was no problem with it because i didn't have any problem to convert all the flac files into .wav files ... but if you check the wav files, you will see some sector boundaries errors (SBE) which lead to bad CD burning. I am not...
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    Can't connect to the hub. target machine actively refused it

    i have the same problem here ... so hub must be down.
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    Bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour so far!

    great thommy. My point was not just for here, but also for other forums where Maiden traders & tapers use to go. For example in the Maiden United Fans forum, people can be lost if you talk of "the Maiden lossless hub" because there are members of this forum who are members your hub, or of the...
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    2008 tour : who will film/tape what ?

    So here we go ! Who will tape or film what ? Thanx to post infos in this thread if you plan to tape or film one of this Maiden gig. I will update the 1st post when needed. 2008-02-01 Mumbai, India - Bandra Kurla Complex Audio : Video : 2008-02-04 Perth, Burswood Dome, Australia Audio...
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    2007 Tour : who will tape/film what ??

    List updated
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    Bootlegs from the Somewhere Back In Time Tour so far!

    Thommy, maybe you should give a name to your hub, in order to make it clear for people, as there is another lossless hub, coming from Maiden-World (the "Where Eagles Dare Lossless DC++ hub") and ran by Bobo.
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    How many times have you seen Maiden live?

    1990 : Paris, Le Zenith, France 1992 : Paris, Grande Halle de la Villette, France 1995 : Paris, Le Zenith, France 1998 : Montpellier, Le Zenith, France 1999 : Paris, Bercy, France 2003 : Toulon, Zenith Omega, France 2003 : Paris, Bercy, France 2005 : Paris, Parc Des Princes, France 2006...
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    least fave song from each album

    Iron Maiden : Iron Maiden Killers : Another Life The Number Of The Beast : Invaders Piece Of Mind : Sun & Steel Powerslave : Losfer Words Somewhere In Time : Heaven Can Wait Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son : Can I Play With Madness ? No Prayer For The Dying : Hooks In You Fear Of The Dark ...