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    I miss you...

    I miss you people! Here I am, in f**ing Baltimore (no disrespect to any Baltimore residents), which means I can't use the hub. Hopefully I'll be back home by the weekend. Lossless hub rules! PS. If you wanna trade MP3:s, PM me DS. PS2. Yes, I am drunk as f*ck - but hey, it's my...
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    Irvine 1985

    I have just ripped Irvine 1985 - the last gig of the massive World Slavery Tour. It's in my share as we speak, and you'll eventually find it in BoBo's share as well. Enjoy! Also in my share is a list of (almost) every bootleg I have. Let me know if you've got any specific requests.
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    Looking for some covers

    A few cover requests. If you have any of these, please mail them to Phoenix '83 Ayr '90 Saarbrucken '93 Dallas '99 Thanks in advance
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    v0.11 Beta

    Hmmm...when I run the new version (0.11b), and open the list I created with 0.10b, it all goes pearshaped. Most values appear in the wrong columns, i.e. Date appears in City column, Country in Num column, Quality in Bootleg Name column and so on.
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    Take a pick

    I'm offering to make one of these boots available in LOSSLESS format (SHN/FLAC). The poll runs for 4 days, and the one with most votes will be shared as soon as I can rip it.
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    Worcester covers

    I recieved covers for Worcester 21.07.2003. Let me know if you need them for the cover database. I can either mail them, or you can find them in my share on the dc hub.
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    Stockholm 2003

    Does anyone have a good sounding recording from Stockholm 2003? I have a mediocre recording, with lots of hiss and muffled sound. I'm desperately looking for an upgrade, so if you have a better version please contact me. Have a few 2003 boots to trade, like New Jersey and Worcester, and of...