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    The B factor should be removed

    This morning, I saw that many of you have The B factor in their share. IMO, this one should be removed, as all the tracks are B sides of official singles... Just my 0.0001 cent.
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    Away from home but near the hub...

    Just to let u know that I left home early this morning to have a merry X-Mas with my girlfriend. But my computer is on with 2 slots open. So, don't bother if I don't reply your messages on the hub.... Happy X-Mas to you and all the users of the lossless hub. Specially to these great guys with...
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    Good and bad news

    Hello. I'm back from a faboulous concert in Paris. Bad news : my MD recorder is dead, RIP. And he died BEFORE the gig :o((. Good news : I'll soon have the DVD of the show and 2 different audio sources. More news coming soon. Nico.
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    New release

    For all prog metal lovers, I'm glad to write that a Dream Theatert/Queensryche 2003 show is now in my share. Great sound, amazing performance (specially the Encores : both bands playing together on Peruvian skies (DT), Real World (Queensryche) and Don't get fooled again (The Who). FLAC format...
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    You can connect here This is my temp hub. Cheers.
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    Temp hub adress

    Please go to : Thanx (my IP adress is changing, I don't know why). Sorry about that...
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    Just choose...

    I am back with my "pick up what you want in my list" topic (I've a new 80 go harddrive, so I can share more and more bootlegs). Here is the deal : choose a bootleg (no mp3 sourced) in my list : Post a reply to this topic with 1, 2 or 3 bootlegs you wanna...
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    New release : Copenhaguen 1990 + DiAnno 2002

    Tonight, I'll share "Come on Copenhaguen" (1990). And, for all the DiAnno lovers, I'll share "Nomad in Bello Horizonte 2002" too. Both in shn format of course, with artwork... Cheers. Nicolas.
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    Choose again

    I'll convert the most-wanted bootleg in SHN format and make it available through the hub. Cheers. Nicolas.
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    New release : Virtual light strikes over France - SHN

    You can now find this bootleg (shn format, w/ artwork) in my shared folder. It's a double CD set, including the entire Nancy 1998 performance and 3 bonus tracks : Fortunes of war, Blood on the world's hand and the aftermath from Nancy 96. Great sound but awful Blaze performance :x Cheers. Nicolas.
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    Just choose

    I don't really know which bootleg I could put on the hub. So, here is the deal. Choose one of my bootlegs ( list : ) and I'll convert it in SHN format and I'll put it online. Of course, don't choose any of my "mp3 source" bootleg. Cheers. Nicolas.